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Dream. Invent. Create.

This is where we make a difference together.

Emerging Technologies. Design.

First Responders

They deserve the best training in the universe.

Modern Tech for the Outdoors Life

Emerging technologies, products, and services for outdoor brands.

Making it easier to have fun

Solving every day consumer pain points to help get you back on the water, track or trail.

our passion

Serve the underserved

We invest in the ideas born from the passion of those who work at CRRNT supporting likeminded brands within industries we support. Once vetted & validated, we launch innovative product and strategic solutions into underserved / fractured markets with surgical precision – then build each into enduring brands. 

We live and breathe motorsports, action sports, hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation, outdoor life and passionately support the military and first responders. These are a the  industries we’ll focus on first and ready to roll. We’re committed to deploying cloud, mobile and emerging tech solutions into markets starving for modern tools and smart technologies. As a result, this means you’ll get our very best work. It means what we deploy into market will be transformative, fun or both. It also means if we blow it, we’re gonna hear about it.




NOX was born of the passion CRRNT has for all things motorsports—the brands and the culture within it. Spending a lifetime on bikes, boats, and generally anything that goes fast crystalized the need to infuse modern tech and fresh thinking into an industry that we deeply want to make better. So we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

NOX is a cloud based product focused on improving interactions between local motorsports shops and their customers. Its implementation will elevate revenue of shops through new strategies tailored to the motorsports owner we know lives in a mobile-first world.

We’re proud to partner with local motorsports shops instead of driving business to large online retailers and OEMs. To learn more, shoot us an email. If we’re not out ripping around a single track or fishing, we’ll get right back to you.