Project brief

If growth were easy in today’s marketplace, the team at The New Blank (TNB) would’ve solved it. Bobby & Sevrin are two passionate co-founders committed to gorgeously designed video and animation work creatively telling brand stories. Before joining forces with CRRNT, they’d tried all the usual stuff; industry reps, increased sales efforts and management consulting with no consistent lift finding themselves unable to gain growth traction and highly exposed in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Our continual challenge is to build sustainable and profitable growth for The New Blank through a strategic partnership with CRRNT.


Client: The New Blank
Founded: 2007
Type: Growth Partner, Business Transformation
Partnership Duration: Aug 2014 – Present
Location: Seattle, WA


lean, lean, lean

When we were kids, the success of a business was often pinned on “location, location, location” not so much, in a connected world. The challenges of modern growth are typically rooted in a reluctance to change; most companies still are structured entirely on the traditional sales method while the rest of market has evolved.

Growth in SMB services brands still require a sales effort of course, but more than ever you can associate growth to a company’s strategic approach to building their own brand through social marketing, video, and a killer customer experience. We’re into a multiyear transformation comprising of components we’re in the midst of implementing today. We love collaborating with TNB and well, there is the fact we’re all into motorcycles and like whiskey – but that’s just a bonus.

Why tnb, why now

Increasingly, brands need effective and creative storytelling as part of the strategic makeup and yes, video and animation are hot sectors. More compelling for certain is The New Blank produces gorgeous broadcast, interactive and animation brand experiences but the reason CRRNT is partnering with TNB is simple; the people working here.

I’ll take my chances in business with two other hard-working, creative, customer-minded US Navy Veterans to overcome any obstacle put before us any day of the week.

Today’s competitive and ever-changing marketplace is characterized by greater volatility and more frequent disruptions, companies (particularly SMB’s) face a clear choice: transform or fall behind. Most transformation efforts are complex initiatives that take years to fully realize success. As a result, most bail out early thus, falling short of their intended growth targets. I had a hunch, and it’s proven to be true – this team is driven.